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Here at The Facial Room in Hamburg, we have a passion for aesthetics and simply concentrate on one thing: your skin!

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Come visit us at our cosmetic studio in Harvestehude, Hamburg for a unique treatment experience! We combine several different technologies in a single treatment. We pair these amazing treatments with clean, clinical skincare products so we together can achieve the best results possible!

Did we mention that we love Image Skincare? Image Skincare is a plant based cosmeceutical skincare range developed by international experts, specialists and beauticians. Tried and tested by real skincare professionals. 

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our technologies



Microcurrent is like a little workout for your skin! Low electrical current is sent through the skin in soft, gentle waves and stimulates muscle contraction. These contractions train your facial muscles to give you a lifted and shaped look. At the same time, your own natural collagen formation is stimulated, which is the key to healthy, beautiful skin. We love microcurrent and you can find this technology in many of our facials such as the Glow-Getter Facial!

facial skincare procedure mikrostrom microcurrent
Hydrafacial microdermabrasion mikrodermabrasionskin procedure Ausreinigung



Hydro-Luxx technology is a special 3-in-1 treatment in which a gentle diamond microdermabrasion with a unique hydro application

is combined to simultaneously provide moisture, remove pore-clogging deposits and dead skin cells.


After the facial, your skin will be lighter, smoother, and more glow than ever! Convinced? Try out The Brilliance Facial now!


led light therapy

Wrinkles and acne are a thing of the past after LED light therapy! Developed by NASA, light therapy promotes healthy cell renewal and tissue healing, which can be used to treat many skin diseases such as aging and acne-prone skin. This stimulates blood and lymph circulation, reduces redness and acne causing bacteria and stimulates collagen formation. All you have to do is take a short nap under the special LED light and you will wake up with healthy, radiant skin! Try it out in our Purifying Facial!

Led licht therapie Led light therapy
radiofrequenz behandlung Behandlung für straffe Haut radiofrequency


radio frequency

Say goodbye to loose, lifeless skin! RF technology penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to gently tighten the skin.


At the same time, the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid is increased, so that the skin immediately becomes plumper and firmer - even after just one treatment! Are you interested? Try out the radio frequency technology in The Trilogy Facial!


high frequency

Who needs miracles when we have high frequency technology ?! High frequency promotes a natural cleansing and antibacterial effect that helps treat existing acne and prevent new acne from occurring. At the same time, cell renewal, collagen production and the minimization of redness are promoted. The skin immediately feels refreshed and noticeably softer - after just one treatment! Sounds amazing right? Try it in The Purifying Facial!

high frequency facial hochfrequenz behandlung
oxygen facial sauerstoff behandlung


oxygen infusion

The celebrities swear by this one! Oxygen infusion deeply refreshes and hydrates the skin, while antioxidants are introduced into the skin, the collagen formation is accelerated and sensitive skin is soothed. After oxygen infusion, your skin will glow for days! Try it out and book our Oxygen Microlift Facial!

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the good stuff

Image Skincare Hautpflege Clean beauty
Image Skincare Hautpflege Clean Beauty
clean skincare hautpflege Image Skincare

We love Image Skincare! Image Skincare is a plant-based cosmetic skin care range developed by international experts, specialists and beauticians. Image Skincare is 






Mineral Oils


Synthetic Fragrance


Chemical Preservatives

No Animal Testing


Whether you have tired skin, acne or pigmentation, or just want a fresh glow, don't worry there is the perfect skincare regimen for you!

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Not sure what's right for your skin? Take a look at our online skin analysis and get a personal

recommend skin care routine!

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top services


50 MIN / €85

the signature facial

This facial is known to get amazing results after just one treatment. Antioxidants, vitamins, fruit enzymes and peptides are combined to create healthy, glowing skin.


80 MIN / €159

the glow-getter

This exclusive treatment combines an organic enzyme peeling with microcurrent, LED light therapy and Gua Sha massage. You will be glowing for days!


80 MIN / €139

the purifying facial

This treatment is particularly suitable for acne and oily skin. Antibacterial salicylic acid and antioxidants are combined with LED light therapy, high frequency treatment and oxygen infusion to achieve clear skin!


"It was my second time with Cori for the facial treatment and I am absolutely thrilled! Thank you very much. Not only was the facial treatment carried out, but also lots of helpful tips on skin care, etc. We also had a" plan "together works out what the next steps are to improve the complexion. I am looking forward to my next appointment! "




"Thank you very much Cori, I felt very comfortable and I find the result very nice! It was a very pleasant appointment and I am more than satisfied with the result! I can only recommend this cosmetic studio!"




"Cori is a true master of her profession. She masters the facials as I have rarely seen it on one of my cosmetic appointments: powerful and efficient massage, paired with well-founded expertise and a lot of empathy. I was very relaxed and with a wonderful glow on my skin adopted by Cori. Thanks a lot. Well done! "




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